1,000 Teamsters Rally at Amazon HQ – Call Out Company for Exploiting Workers

One thousand Teamsters and local community supporters held a massive rally today outside of Amazon’s corporate headquarters in Seattle to demand the company end its union-busting tactics and dangerous labor practices. The rally coincided with the Teamsters Women’s Conference, being held in Seattle this week.

During the rally, protesters marched around Amazon’s HQ holding signs that read, “Organize Amazon” and “Amazon Hurts Workers.” Members were joined by Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien and General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman, as well as other Teamster leaders, including International Vice Presidents Peter Finn, Avral Thompson, Juan Campos, Rick Hicks, Mark Davison, Joan Corey, Lindsay Dougherty, and Stan Hennessy.

Teamsters Not Backing Down From Amazon

“Amazon should be afraid — the Teamsters are here standing shoulder-to-shoulder with so many communities demanding change,” O’Brien said.

“The Teamsters aren’t going away. Wherever Amazon abuses workers, we’ll be there. Amazon will not bust unions and get away with it. Amazon will not churn and burn American workers and get away with it. This corrupt corporate giant must answer to the Teamsters now, and we’re ready for the fight.”

The rally comes weeks after the Teamsters officially announced its Amazon Division, a new arm of North America’s strongest union dedicated to uniting Amazon employees, securing more workplace protections in the warehouse and logistics industry, and defending workers from the unchecked exploitation of one of the world’s most dangerous employers.

Amazon workers across the country have been rising up and demanding better workplace standards, and communities are increasingly demanding Amazon be held accountable for its worker injury ratecontribution to pollution, and most recently a string of worker deaths at warehouse facilities in New Jersey. In coordination with the Teamsters, passionate community partners have succeeded in limiting Amazon’s expansion on both coasts, as the corporate giant’s growth threatens good-paying jobs and environmental protections.

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