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100th Amazon Business Acquired By Thrasio

Thrasio, the consumer goods company re imagining the world of commerce and consumer products, announced today it has acquired its 100th Amazon business. The company has turned annual profits since year one due to its unique acquisition approach and best-in-class operational capabilities; Thrasio delivers popular in-demand consumer goods to millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

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“After 100 integrations, we’re battle tested, we are closing more than a deal a week, and with each brand we onboard, we learn something new. At this point, our flywheel is not just proven – it is accelerating.”

Josh Silberstein, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Thrasio

The badge of honor for the 100th company bought goes to a category leader in consumer goods: Mayfair Brands, the holder of Amazon’s “Best Seller” badge for air mattresses with more than 10,000 4.5 star reviews.

Mayfair was founded by Derek DeMeo, a devoted entrepreneur who didn’t let several early setbacks break his convictions. DeMeo founded a consulting agency that helped Amazon sellers grow million-dollar online companies before applying those talents to his own ideas and launching Mayfair which he co-founded with Vincent Lau.

“Mayfair is just what Thrasio looks for,”

“Well-reviewed, consumer-favorite products with potential to grow. We couldn’t be more excited to build upon Mayfair’s incredible work by adding new products, new channels, and new countries, making sure Mayfair’s high-caliber products get into the hands of even more consumers searching for them. Thrashers love nothing more than facilitating that process and creating a win-win – for consumers looking for the best products and our sellers who aspire to see their brand grow.”

Carlos Cashman, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Thrasio

Thrasio gave DeMeo the confidence that he was leaving his company in capable hands.

“We’ve been doing this for years and it’s been fun, but we’re ready to turn our attention to other endeavors and Thrasio was simply the right buyer,”

“The talent at Thrasio is extremely good—I cannot underscore that enough. There’s nothing more refreshing than smart people working with smart people.”

Derek DeMeo, Founder, Mayfair Brands

Mayfair joins Thrasio’s stable of industry-leading, everyday products loved by consumers–brands that have nearly tripled their profitability in the first year under the company’s operations. Sharing the accolades with this latest acquisition are some of Thrasio’s breakout brands that have exhibited extraordinary growth thanks to Thrasio’s implementation of upgraded marketing, product development, operations, and supply chain management.

Thrasio has been acquiring companies for three years, with many proven, sustained success stories, prompting some of their early sellers to return with new brands. Kusha Karvandi, an Inc. 500 entrepreneur, already counts two of his companies among the Thrasio 100 and promises he’ll be back again.

After selling his successful line of Vybe percussion massagers to Thrasio, he returned to secure a deal for BFR Bands, the “Amazon Choice” for blood flow restriction training bands.

“My experience with Thrasio has been excellent. From start to finish they were very clear about the timeline, and their team was so easy to work with. I love how quickly Thrasio can move, how fair they are with their valuation, and how well they aligned with our vision for the brand. I returned to Thrasio to sell my second business for these very reasons, and when I’m ready to sell my next business they will be the first ones I call.”

Kusha Karvandi, Serial Entrepreneur

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