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25 Tesla Semis Ordered By Canadian Grocery Chain

Tesla is all about electric vehicles. It all started with electric cars, and now it is developing electric semi trucks as well. Walmart has shown interest, and now Canadian grocery chain Loblaw is interested as well. The Canadian chain is getting 25 of the Tesla electric semi trucks.

No price has been set yet for Tesla’s newest electric vehicle. Loblaw though is making a deposit of $5,000 for each vehicle. The electric semi trucks will start shipment by 2019. Loblaw plans to have a fleet of electric semi trucks coming from Tesla. The Canadian grocery chain aims to totally reduce emissions by 2030.

The Tesla Semi – The New Must Have For Big Business?

The electric semi truck from Tesla is simply called the Tesla Semi. Its design is slick, and looks more futuristic than most trucks out today. It is also fast, going from 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds (Unloaded that it). There’s more to the truck though than just being an electric one.

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As with most electric vehicles, the Tesla Semi does not require any gears to shift. Handling and responsiveness are much better than its diesel counterparts claimed by Tesla.

The Tesla Semi isn’t the only electric truck in the works. Bosch and Nikola are also building a truck with a hybrid hydrogen power supply. Daimler also has a concept for an electric truck.

One of the selling points for the Tesla Semi is that it will cost less to operate than diesel trucks. This would be a winner for any business which is looking to maximize profits while minimizing costs.

Maintenance would also cost much less than traditional trucks. This would be for the long term though. Initially, the cost for an electric truck might be much more than diesel trucks. This initial cost though would be offset by maintenance savings later on.

Electric vehicles are the wave of the future. How long do you think before electric vehicles become the norm? Let us know down below.

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