4 benefits of having a blog for your business

There are lots of different benefits that blogging provides a business. The reality is, every business has lots of different ways to reach their customers, and a blog is another way to personalize content to reach customers and develop loyalty to your brand. The key for a successful blog is to have great writing along with applicable topics for readers. When a blog is enjoyable to read, is not too long, and relates to the reader’s life, this is a blog that will make your site relevant and generate traffic.

When you decide to start a blog using WordPress or some other CMS, the possibilities for how that blog can enhance your website are endless. Whether you are a blogger or hiring a blogger, there are lots of ways your blog will enhance your site and give your customers a different way to engage with the site.

As far as the benefits of the blog, there are many. But here are the four benefits that you will come across right away in terms of having a blog for your business. Each benefit will help increase readership which in turn helps your site’s prestige, meaning more eyes will get to your site, and that means more conversions.

Increase SEO results

The best way to be relevant is to get high on Google’s Page 1 of search results. The key to a great blog and a great site is how well your site answers the question potential customers plug in to Google. Blogs are a major part of this strategy because the constant updating makes the SEO keywords that much more organic to the site. Besides gaining traction with Search Engine Page Results Pages (SERPS), there are other processes including backlinks enhancing your ascending ranking.

With a regular blog schedule – such as 1-2 blogs per week – the increased content will catapult your site up the rankings because the more content means the more usage of the SEO keyword. Another thing that is quite helpful are the backlinks. These backlinks add credibility to your site, and when other sites start linking to your content, that helps as well. The goal here is building the SEO so that your site becomes the source people go to. As traffic increases because your blogs are read and shared, your position in the SERPS increases as well. This all leads to greater monetization of your site.

Build and strengthen customer relationships

handshake circleThe best part about blogging is there are so many opportunities to engage with your customers on a new and more profound level. This is really important because these are the conversations that act as tools for conversion. Whether this means that you are replying to comments on the blog site or replying to questions sent via e-mail, this level of reader engagement is designed to build trust between the company and the potential client. The greater the degree of personalization in the relationship, the more loyal the customers will be to your business.

As to building that rapport with the audience, there are so many levels to it. Part of it is the voice in the blog – if you have a voice that is compassionate and helpful, then readers will develop a bond with your blog and by extension, your company. This building and the strengthening of a relationship leads directly to greater revenues. For your customers that already are a part of your business family, the blog also reinforces their love for your product. There are several great ideas allowing a business to really lean in to participation from those reading the blog.

Effective lead generation

It is no secret that whatever you do on your site is meant to bring additional cash into the business. The blog is no different. This is a very effective revenue stream that you can use to generate income. The way it could work is through basic methods such as linking your products into the text of the blog or posting a blog about a certain product. This is an easy way to monetize. However, the key is doing things a bit more subtly – people are less prone to buy products if they know they are being sold the product.

There are other ways to use your blog to leverage it into a sales machine. A great way is getting subscriptions to the blog with customers leaving their e-mail addresses. This ensures your customers will see blog posts immediately and you can also offer them exclusive opportunities via e-mail. There are lots of different promotions too. If you are connecting with your leads, you will convert them into loyal customers. The key is making sure that you are subtle about it. Having a button at the bottom is a great way to capture their e-mail addresses, for example.

Sharing is good business

hashtag ig styleWhenever you publish a blog, your blogging should not end at that point. There is so much more to do, because a blog is not going to get read without it being promoted. This is why sharing is really important. Roll out your blog to social media channels and send it out to the people who have subscribed to the blog. Besides getting people to read the blog, this makes you look like a big business, which means there is more credibility regarding what you do and how well you do it.

Another great trick with your blog is using the links effectively. If you are linking to content, write the other blogger that produced the content. Ask if they would mind if you linked to their work (they will rarely if ever say no) and in turn, you could send them a link to your work. Many times they will just naturally link to your blog. Sometimes you have to ask though. The key is, the more you share your blog, the better it will be received. This is a really easy way to convert readers into customers.

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