Technology Rocks Ecommerce

5 Technological Innovations Rocking Ecommerce

The proliferation of mobile and Wi-Fi technology means just about every consumer is connected via cloud data services. With smartphones in nearly every pocket, consumers rely on ecommerce to make many of their spending decisions. The reliance makes it critically important to provide a truly unique user experience to successfully engage consumers in the ecommerce platform. The following are some of the most impactful ecommerce tools most businesses should embrace.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to all those mobile devices, laptops and personal computers consumers have on or near them nearly every waking moment. They include smartphones, smartwatches, tablet devices and GPS data all flying through cloud-based systems. All those devices generate a wealth of data and potential connectivity that smart entrepreneurs can harness and use to plan and execute successful ecommerce business plans.

Smart Contracts

A game-changer in fraud prevention and protection is born as blockchain technology continues to pierce every industry with its revolutionary secure transaction features, delivering consumers and owners with an objective, trustworthy and immutable way of doing business. On the blockchain, management and authorization are spread across the network, minimizing fraud that could otherwise take place on a centralized network.

Smart contracts automate data dissemination, gathering and validation processes in an encrypted, immutable environment. Ecommerce transactions become faster and have an added layer of security with streamlined smart contracts and permissioned networks.

Data Personalization

Mobile technology is producing reams of data about every individual who owns a smartphone or other mobile device. That makes it easier to understand the preferences of particular consumers and better target them with relevant marketing offers. Whether you are looking to sell an item or an idea, it is much easier when you can accurately target your potential audience. Data personalization makes it very easy to do exactly that.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality takes the real world and overlays digital data relevant to a particular person’s preference. That makes a seemingly mundane location or experience come alive and produce a more vibrant experience. The recent Pokemon Go craze is a perfect example. By using smartphones and tablets to access mobile data, consumers could take a commonly known and used area, and transform it into something much more vibrant and exciting. That makes each visit a unique and engaging experience, even if you are just walking down a simple hallway. Augmented reality plays upon virtually any of the five senses, and can combine many with smells, sounds, sight, and other stimuli.

Virtual Reality

A big step beyond augmented reality is virtual reality. Virtual reality does not exist anywhere but in the digital realm, and it often is a highly effective learning tool. Virtual reality can completely transform someone’s present location into something completely different. It could be a simulation of the interior of a specific object or some other tangible item. Virtual reality is a powerful ecommerce tool for informing and stimulating discussion and generating positive effect among consumers.

Effective ecommerce marketing in the 21st century requires utilizing every available tool to stay ahead of the competition. The preceding five innovations are revolutionizing how ecommerce is done. Future success depends on the successful integration of at least some of these outstanding tools.

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