9 Steps to Write Email Copy that Converts


It is an all-too-common occurrence: we send out marketing emails that have had time and
effort put into them, but they receive hardly any response. What are we doing wrong?

Getting your email copy down to fine art should be at the top of your priorities, and it could
lead to a massive increase in leads. Here’s some of the secrets of how to increase your
conversions through email marketing copy.

1. Grab them from the beginning!

Writing a catchy subject line is an art form in itself. Most people see a marketing email and
simply delete it, or, in a lot of cases, mark it as spam – in which case, it is game over. Make sure the subject line immediately shows that you are offering something that will benefit them, not just clogging up their inbox.


If you can’t say what you want to say without using capital letters and multiple exclamation
marks, don’t say it at all. It makes the email seem cheap, it sounds like you’re shouting at
your potential customers, and will almost definitely result in any future emails being
directed straight to the spam folder.

3. Why so serious?

If you want to increase conversions from your email marketing, don’t be overly formal and
avoid marketing jargon. Write as though they are sitting in front of you; be conversational
and personable, choose the right words, and most importantly, don’t be boring! There is no
reason why marketing emails need to be dry and uninteresting – use anecdotes and
analogies to make recipients feel at ease.

4. Let’s get psychological

Everyone is a victim to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) at some point. “People hate being the
odd one out, and feel like they’re missing a good deal”, says Rebecca Terry, an email
marketer at Eliteassignmenthelp.

“Use this to make them feel as though they only have a certain amount of time to snap up a deal that everyone else already has, and you will see how conversions immediately go up!” – Rebecca Terry, email marketer at Eliteassignmenthelp

Not just using FOMO, but also subtle techniques such as use of colour, pictures of faces, and making the reader feel special, are all ways to push up the number of conversions.

5. Up close and personal

Seeing someone’s name rather than just the name of a company is a sure-fire way to
increase conversion rate. People are far more likely to linger over an email that has
someone’s name and picture attached to it, as it humanises the interaction, and increases
the likelihood of engagement.

6. Write like the web!

emailEven though an email is more personal than a website, it is still a marketing method, and
should follow the same structure. Keep content broken up, use subheadings and bullet
points so that it is not a bombardment of information, and easy to follow.

This makes it easier for people to scan through the email to get the gist of what you are saying, which, in turn, makes them more likely to read it in the first place – nobody has time to sit and read a lengthy, multi-page email!

7. Who are you talking to?

Get to know who you are sending emails out to using website analytics. This allows you to
create targeted copy for customers that you know you have, rather than writing content at
random and hoping for the best. Don’t waste your time and your customers – get to know
your audience!

8. Be inspired by others’ ideas

Don’t plagiarise peoples’ work, but keep an eye out for the way others carry out email
marketing. Sign up to newsletters; what are they doing better than you? How are they
grabbing peoples’ attention, and generating high conversion rates through engaging
content? This is perfectly legal – as long as you don’t blatantly copy someone’s idea!

9. Use the tools available

There are a range of tools out there that can assist you in creating better email copy, and
consequently generate more conversions. Here are just a few of the best online tools to
help you along the way:

So, there you have some of the best tips on how to increase conversion via your email
marketing strategy. They are steps that are more than achievable, and, most importantly,
will deliver the most important results. Put the days of blindly trying to create engaging
email copy behind you, and follow these tips!

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