Google AutoDraw

A look at Google’s new web-based drawing tool AutoDraw

Google wants to make an artist out of you with a new tool called AutoDraw.

To be honest, you are unlikely to become the next Rembrandt with this drawing tool as it is very basic, but it might help you with some simple design elements.

Fundamentally, the tool works by trying to identify your drawing and giving you suggestions based on the sketch you drew in the top bar.

You then choose one of the suggestions and you can add additional free hand elements or other suggested elements to your drawing.

With Google AutoDraw you have the ability to add basic shapes, text, and fill elements with solid colors. Currently, you can choose from 40 pre-set colors for your drawings and text.

When you are done, you can share the drawing on social media networks or download it to your computer as a PNG file.


AutoDraw is a collaboration between machine learning and the artist community. The tool uses the same artificial intelligence technology it had created for it’s Quick, Draw AI experiment.

In the Quick, Draw experiment, the company tried to teach a neural network to recognize doodles. It then used the drawings provided by users to add to the world’s largest doodle data set.

With AutoDraw it completed the first real tool by recognizing the doodle that people draw on AutoDraw and matching them with artist provided “clean” drawings.

Google is still accepting submissions from artists to add more preset drawings to AutoDraw. If you are truly an artist, you can submit your drawing here.


You may think at first, how can this help my business. This seems more like a program for kids or to pass time.

But there can be a serious side here. Because AutoDraw includes so many basic shapes it could be part of an icon collection for your store.

You can also use it to create some elements for an advertising banner or other graphic elements you could use in your store.

With a little extra work in another image editor, you can even elevate the drawings with backgrounds or other shapes. Currently, there are only 3 main canvas sizes, but if you download the drawing, you can then edit the size you need in any image editor.

Over time Google will expand this tool to add more features. It is worth keeping a bookmark for AutoDraw handy even if you do not have an immediate need.

If you had a chance to try out AutoDraw, give us your ideas on how you could use it in your eCommerce store in the comments below.

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