eSellerCafe was founded in early 2017 and was rebranded to eSeller365 in 2021. It is run by Dave Furness, and Richard Meldner to provide news, analysis, and share knowledge for small and medium-size eCommerce business owners.

We strive to be the leading information source offering curated news and information specific for North American SMB eSellers, with an eye on global sales and marketing.

Our goal at eSeller365 is to involve our readers in a community that works and helps each other through interactive comment sections as well as active social media groups.

Dave brings over 11 years of experience in Marketplace and eCommerce sales & marketing, and eCommerce consultation, and instruction.

He has developed and executed multi-channel eCommerce programs for hundreds of businesses ranging from general merchandise retailers to niche marketers in fashion and electronics.

As one of the UK’s youngest eCommerce consultants, Dave understood the processes and actions to successfully implement multi-channel and marketplace integration, including adding non-existing cross-border trade strategies.

In 2013 Dave was a Co-Founder of which taught thousands of small business owners in plain English and with entertaining step-by-step video tutorials on how to deploy a multi-channel sales strategy utilizing Magento as the Third Generation of Multi-Channel software.

Richard has spent the last 17 years on eBay from enforcing intellectual property rights for brand holders to selling performance car parts through eBay Motors.

Becoming knowledgeable with eBay was accidental while working for MOMO, a global high-end automotive accessory company, when he was tasked with enforcing intellectual property rights on eBay and other emerging eCommerce platforms.

After starting his own performance parts distribution company with a friend in Florida, an excess of inventory led him down the path of using eBay to turn dead inventory into cash.

Over time this morphed into a full-time eBay Motors Parts & Accessories business with customers in over 100 countries and being a perennial Top Seller on eBay.

To grow the eBay business he has worked with multiple listing tools and services and successfully adjusted his eBay business to the ever-changing eBay policies and market conditions.

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Dave and Richard