Adidas moves from TV advertising to digital media


In a CNBC interview this week, Chief Executive Kasper Rorsted stated that Adidas is moving away from TV advertising to digital media advertising.

This shift is driven by two important goals for the company as they are looking to capture more of their crucial demographic of younger consumers, and want to quadruple eCommerce sales by 2020.

“All of our engagement with the consumer is through digital media and we believe in the next three years we can take our online business from approximately 1 billion (euro) to 4 billion (euro) and create a much more direct engagement with consumers,” Mr. Rorsted said.

This is just another example of how brands and retailers are changing their marketing strategies to capture the millennials demographic.

As we reported just a few days ago, Amazon is well outperforming clothing retailers in online apparel sales to millennials.

With Amazon even building a clothing line specifically for millennials and Adidas focusing on digital channels for marketing, both companies are leading the way to comprehensive strategies involving social media and mobile eCommerce (mCommerce).

For SMB eSellers, the lesson here is that with such potential growth suggested by major retailers in this segment, it makes a lot of sense to review your own marketing and mCommerce strategies if your target audience is the millennials demographic.

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