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Adobe Analytics – Prime Day event also boom for other online retailers

According to Adobe Analytics data, the second day of Prime Day saw US online sales increase 72% for large retailers ($1B+ annual revenue) compared to an average Tuesday; first day saw a 64% increase.

Niche retailers (<$5M in annual revenue) saw their ecommerce sales rise 25%, compared to Monday’s 30%. Tuesday also became the fourth day outside of the holiday season to surpass $2B in online sales.

”Prime Day has become an indisputable summer shopping holiday, greatly benefiting online retailers that can attract consumers to their site through compelling email campaigns or offering value-add services like buy online, pick up in-store,”

Jason Woosley, Vice President, Commerce Product and Platform at Adobe.

Additional day two findings

Tuesday saw an increase in online spending mainly because of an increase in conversion. This accounted for 65% of the lift in revenue.

Additionally, 33% of the lift was caused by an increase in site visits and 12% because of bigger baskets.

Brands that delivered excellent email experiences saw a 54% lift in revenue on Tuesday. In comparison, those that lacked a good email strategy saw only a 29% lift.

Overall, successful email campaigns picked up in revenue share on Tuesday with a 7% lift.

While consumers typically use Buy Online Pickup In Store for less-expensive items, BOPIS order values on Tuesday saw similar growth to Monday at 11%.

However, order values overall were lower on Tuesday at $126 compared to Monday’s $131.

Like Monday, electronics saw some of the best discounts on Tuesday, with the discount being slightly better for Tuesday at 10% compared to Monday’s 9%.

Amongst electronics, smart devices saw the highest discounts (20% off smartphones, 12% off smart watches, 10% off smart TVs).

Overall Prime Day (Monday and Tuesday) scorecard

Large Retailers: Over the two-day parade, large retailers saw the strongest lift in revenue with an average of 68%.

Niche Retailers: Unlike last year when niche retailers saw a decrease in revenue on Prime Day, this year, they successfully reaped the benefits of the summer shopping holiday with a combined 28% lift over the two days.

Successful Email Campaigns Are Key: Brands that delivered excellent email experiences saw a 52% lift in revenue throughout the two days. In comparison, those that lacked a good email strategy saw only a 23% lift. The share of revenue coming from email campaigns increased by 7.3% over the total Prime Day.

Comparison Shopping Is the Norm: A mix of an influx in visits and an increase in conversion on the second day drove most of the Prime Day lift. Over the two days, visit’s lift accounted for 49% of the increase in revenue, while conversion accounted for 46%, the rest was because of bigger baskets.

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