Adobe Analytics – First Day of Prime Day 2023 Industry Data

Adobe Analytics Data Reveals Record-Breaking Start to Prime Day for Ecommerce Industry

Prime Day’s first day (July 11) witnessed consumers spending $6.4 billion, marking a Year-over-Year (YoY) growth of 5.96% and making it the most significant ecommerce day of 2023, said Adobe today.

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Online sales soared in several categories, with appliances leading the pack at a remarkable 37% increase compared to June 2023’s daily sales average. Toys also saw a substantial surge of 27%, followed by apparel at 26% and electronics at 12%.

Notably, consumers are embracing more flexible spending options, as Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) orders accounted for 6.4% of online orders, generating a revenue of $461 million.

This represents a staggering 19.5% growth compared to last year’s Prime Day. BNPL usage was particularly high in apparel, furniture/home, and electronics categories.

Prime Day has become of one the biggest ecommerce moments of the year, as consumers latch onto major discounts from a number of different retailers,” said Vivek Pandya, lead analyst, Adobe Digital Insights.

The record spending so far shows us that consumers are tapping into their inner bargain hunters, stocking up on specific categories such as electronics and apparel while the discounts remain steep.”

Additional Adobe Analytics Insights

Shoppers were finding Discounts in several key categories, including electronics (16% off listed price), toys (15%), apparel (13%), computers (10%), sporting goods (9%), home/furniture (7%), televisions (6%), and appliances (6%).

Curbside Pickup, a service that gained momentum during the pandemic, was utilized in 20% of online orders on July 11, a slight increase from the previous year’s 18%.

Furthermore, Mobile Shopping accounted for 43.7% of online sales on Prime Day, indicating consumers’ growing comfort in making purchases on smaller screens.

In terms of Marketing Impact, email campaigns experienced the most significant revenue contribution with a 13% increase. Affiliates and partners, including influencer marketing, also played a major role, contributing to a 10% rise, followed by display ads with a 6% increase.


Adobe offers unparalleled insights into U.S. ecommerce through its examination of direct consumer transactions conducted online.

This comprehensive analysis encompasses over one trillion visits to U.S. retail websites, 100 million SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), and 18 different product categories, surpassing any other technology company or research organization in terms of scope.

Adobe Analytics, a component of Adobe Experience Cloud, is trusted by more than 85% of the leading 100 internet retailers in the U.S. to provide the means for delivering, measuring, and personalizing online shopping experiences.

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