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Afterpay Now Available Through Square Web Payments SDK


In August of last year, Square announced it would acquire the industry-leading Buy Now, Pay Here (BNPL) payments platform Afterpay in a $29 billion stock deal.

This was one of the biggest news in payments in 2021 as it brought together two big names in the payments and accelerate Square’s ability to enter the red-hot BNPL industry with a known and leading platform.

Square, which changed its corporate name to Block in December 2021, completed the Afterpay acquisition in late January, and immediately offered its first integration to Square Online for eCommerce in the United States and Australia.

The company even offered an introductory deal for Square eCommerce merchants by enabling them to accept BNPL payments through Afterpay at no additional cost over Square’s standard transaction fees until May 10.

But this was just the beginning of the $29 billion gamble by Block to integrate Afterpay into Square’s echo system and enable millions of merchants to offer flexible payments solutions to their customers.

Afterpay in Square Web Payments SDK

This week, Square announced that it now offers the ability for developers and partners to integrate Afterpay in the US and Australia into their online checkout flow through the Square Web Payments SDK (Software Development Kit).

With this release, developers can:

  • Integrate Afterpay into the checkout flow with a few lines of code. Instead of building two separate integrations, developers can now add a few lines of code within the Square Web Payments SDK to enable Afterpay in the Square-powered online checkout flow.
  • Maintain a single integration for Square and Afterpay payments. This decreases the developer resources required to build multiple integrations and reduces the maintenance costs associated with maintaining multiple integrations.
  • Consolidate transaction data in Square Dashboard. With a single integration, all Square and Afterpay funds flow into sellers’ Square accounts for simpler cash flow management.

“Afterpay via the Square Web Payments SDK is more than just a payment method. This release enables developers and partners to build an innovative commerce solution that attracts new shoppers and drives incremental revenue for businesses, all through a single integration with Square. Our robust developer platform and developer documentation simplify the integration process so developers can get up and running smoothly.”

Marylise Tauzia, Head of Developer Relations at Square

Developers can learn more about how to integrate Afterpay into the checkout flow by visiting Square’s developer documentation, technical reference, and payments pricing for more information.

The company only said this option is now only available to US and Australian merchants and did not provide information on when it may become available in other countries. But considering the investment Square (or now Block) made to acquire Afterpay, it should be soon.

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