Afterpay Partners with Patch Empowering Shoppers to Offset The Carbon Footprint of Their Purchase

Afterpay has partnered with API-first carbon removal marketplace Patch to give US consumers the tools to offset the carbon footprint of their Afterpay purchases.

The payments company will empower over 10 million customers to take climate action and neutralize their spending impact by integrating Patch’s API directly into Afterpay’s consumer application.

“We are thrilled to launch with Patch as we know our customers have an invested interest in taking sustainable actions towards their purchases. Through this partnership, we’re able to deliver on our brand promise of providing more ways for customers to contribute to sustainability initiatives or goals.”

Zahir Khoja, General Manager of North America for Afterpay

Starting this month, Afterpay’s app will include a section where customers can view the estimated carbon impact of their spending history, along with the cost to offset the emissions.

Then, customers can select from an array of nature-based and human-engineered projects to purchase carbon reduction and/or offsets, all in one easy-to-use experience. 

Patch’s portfolio of projects ranges from traditional forestry initiatives to newer carbon sequestration technologies, such as biochar, mineralization, and kelp, allowing shoppers to get involved in the fight against climate change by supporting the causes they’re most passionate about.

“As eCommerce demand steadily climbs, retailers are faced with mounting pressures to adopt sustainable practices — and to help their customers do the same. With integrations across 23,200 of US merchants, there’s no better platform to support this industry-wide effort than Afterpay.”

Patch CEO and Co-Founder Brennan Spellacy

Patch Integration Boosts Afterpay’s Mission to Offer Better Payment Option

The partnership embodies Afterpay’s overall mission to provide consumers with an improved payment option while demonstrating its sustainability commitment to existing and prospective merchants.

Afterpay joins a growing list of retailers and eCommerce platforms leveraging Patch‘s technology to achieve sustainability goals, alongside the likes of Farfetch Platform Solutions and Aether.

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