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Online shopping has become even more intuitive with artificial intelligence, or AI. This has helped now even for mobile shopping, and it is being used by Alibaba very effectively.

It has become that effective that there has been an increase in mobile engagement for the company for the first quarter of 2017.

This increase in mobile engagement has also resulted in an increase in users who have the Alibaba mobile app.

It now has 529 million users, up by 22 million more people. The use of AI has improved not only the content provided by Alibaba, but also in how people search for products.

Alibaba AI – The Secret

The secret to this is really simple. AI has made product search more precise.

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This is done through a variety of ways, from machine learning, deep learning, transfer learning and much more. Computers learn a shopper’s preferences whenever someone would type in the product being searched for.

The next time the shopper would go to the app, typing in just a few letters would automatically key in the product searched for previously.

This type of intuitive search is not only found on Alibaba’s app, but can even be seen in Google search and on Amazon.

This is done using algorithms that help computers get to a conclusion simply by having experienced a pattern from the data provided by a person.

If a person then searched for a soap, the next time even just one or two letters are typed in a search for soap is automatically generated.

In Alibaba’s case, this is done by customizing, using a person’s preferences and search history.

With each use, this becomes even more personalized so that it becomes intuitive. Ads on Alibaba’s site also reflects what a person has searched or bought, so much so that the ads are more targeted to a person’s preferences.

This looks like the future of mobile search functionality in eCommerce, what do you think? Will this lead to greater conversion on mobile?  Let us know down below.

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