Alibaba’s Singles’ Day As a Commercial Venture

With this age of globalization and commercialism, there is always now an excuse to celebrate something. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, for instance. Now Alibaba has singles in sight, and it has Singles’ Day as a day of commercialism.

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Alibaba’s Singles’ Day has become a huge marketing success, generating for the online retailer billions in revenue.

With each day becoming an excuse to go out and shop, Alibaba’s move has made the day into a shopping event. Now there is another reason for people to go out and shop, even online.

Singles’ Day Now The Biggest Sales Day In The World

Last year Alibaba generated $17.8 billion in sales for Singles’ Day. This has made Singles’ Day to be the largest shopping event online, much larger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. For this year, Singles’ Day for Alibaba is a three week festival. There have been 140,000 merchants who participated, with some physical stores even joining in.

The 2017 numbers for Singles’ Day surpassed $25 Billion in global sales.

This shows that any day could be made into a commercial venture if a company would want it to. With eCommerce growing, this could be done much easier than ever before.

Such events could grow viral in just a matter of hours, especially if there is much discount that’s involved.

2018 could be a year in which businesses can capitalize on whatever day comes to mind. With the year filled with holidays and special days, it’s not hard to choose one and then promote it extensively as a day for sales.

This would be a bonanza for any marketer who would want to make a big promotion for any business.

Singles’ Day has not caught on so far in the West as a day for sales, though with the success of Alibaba that may change.

Do you think Singles’ Day could make it’s way to the USA and UK in 2018? Leave your comments below.

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