Alipay Partners with Marqeta to Expand U.S. Retailer Acceptance

Alipay wasn’t done announcing partnerships for the U.S. for this week. On Friday afternoon, Alipay and Marqeta announced that Chinese travels will be able to use Alipay on Marqeta’s retailer network.

We just wrote today about what all this may mean for the future of Alipay in the U.S. and if there is path to becoming a competitor to PayPal.

Here is The Press Release from Marqeta and Alipay

Marqeta, the open API payment card issuing platform, and Alipay, the world’s leading third-party payment platform, have partnered to streamline payment acceptance for millions of Chinese travelers paying with Alipay when shopping in the U.S.

Through the partnership, Marqeta’s platform will facilitate the completion of Alipay’s payment process in real-time, providing Alipay’s more than 520 million registered users in China with easy and seamless purchasing capabilities at millions of domestic retail locations across the country.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Marqeta and take advantage of the most modern, flexible and scalable payment platform in the market today,” said Mr. Souheil Badran, President, Alipay North America.

“Marqeta’s technology is unsurpassed for flexibility, security, speed, and ease of implementation – elements that ensure we are bringing the best experience possible to our fast-growing base of users and merchants.”

Today, Alipay is the leading online payment provider and the primary means of online and mobile payment in China and many other countries.

U.S. retailers benefit by being able to provide the same easy payment experience to Chinese tourists visiting the U.S.

“Alipay’s reach, consumer base, and transaction velocity is impressive, and we’re excited to be the partner for Alipay in the U.S.,” said Jason Gardner, CEO of Marqeta.

“The Marqeta platform will ensure a seamless user and merchant experience across the U.S. that Alipay’s customers need when traveling and shopping abroad.”

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