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Amazon To Pay Select Customers To Pick Up Orders

In a bid to entice shoppers to pick up orders, Amazon has launched a new promotion to select U.S. customers, offering $10 to pick up orders at a physical location such as Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh, or retail partner Kohls.

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The company claims the promotion is not aimed at reducing costs, and is instead offered to customers who have either never utilized Amazon Pickup or have not done so within the previous 12 months.

“We offer customers a variety of ways to get their packages, inclusive of delivery and pickup options. The $10 Amazon Pickup promotion isn’t new,” an Amazon spokesperson told Reuters.

However, this news just comes a month after Amazon started to charge a small fee for returns when customers used a UPS Store, instead of one of their physical locations or an Amazon Locker if they were closer. In addition, Amazon has been reducing its workforce and shutting down divisions to streamline its operations.

While the company may insist this is not a new promotion strategy, as it has been offering other incentives previously for customers to combine shipping, fewer stops by its drivers would result in delivery cost savings.

Furthermore, by incentivizing customers to utilize a nearby location for order pickup, Amazon is also “educating” customers about nearby locations where they may return items.

It seems all a bit connected by improving logistics efficiencies to reduce delivery and returns costs.

Amazon is emailing customers who will be eligible for this promotion. A minimum purchase of $25 is required to receive the $10 credit. There is no word on how long Amazon may run this promotion.

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