Amazon Pay Partners with Affirm

Amazon Adds Affirm Expanding Payment Options for Merchants With Amazon Pay Integration

Amazon partners with Affirm, integrating Affirm’s Adaptive Checkout as a seamless payment option for eligible U.S. merchants using Amazon Pay.

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This collaboration brings Affirm’s pay-over-time technology, which is already popular among millions of customers on and the Amazon mobile app, to Amazon Pay’s secure and straightforward payment solution.

“We know customers want convenient and flexible payment options – whether they’re checking out on or using Amazon Pay,” said Omar Soudodi, director of Amazon Pay. “With Affirm on Amazon Pay, merchants can offer a pay-over-time option to their existing customers and have another way to reach new customers.”

Several Amazon Pay merchants, including Casper, USA Berkey Filters, and UltraSabers, have already integrated Affirm’s Adaptive Checkout into their Amazon Pay system.

These merchants expect a continued boost in overall sales and conversion rates, along with the ability to tap into new customer segments.

Integrating Affirm as a payment option at checkout has proven to drive sales growth, with merchants reporting an average order value increase of 60% compared to other payment methods. Furthermore, it fosters customer loyalty, as approximately 88% of Affirm purchases come from repeat users.

“Digital wallets are an increasingly critical part of the shopping experience and are expected to account for over half of ecommerce transactions worldwide by 2025,” said Libor Michalek, President of Affirm. “In addition, customers want more choice and flexibility when paying online. By integrating Affirm’s Adaptive Checkout, thousands of merchants can offer their customers personalized payment options and increased spending power through Amazon Pay’s convenient and secure checkout experience.”

Affirm on Amazon Pay Offers Flexible Payment Choices

Affirm’s Adaptive Checkout presents customers with bi-weekly and monthly pay-over-time options at checkout.

When customers select Affirm as their payment method by clicking the Amazon Pay button on a participating retailer’s site, they can undergo a quick, real-time approval process without any additional cost or impact on their credit score.

Once approved, they can choose to pay over time for purchases over $50, with APRs starting at 0%. Customers are transparently informed of the total cost of their purchase and will never encounter hidden or late fees.

Using Amazon Pay provides an online shopping experience for customers that is just as convenient as shopping on

It offers a secure and simple way to manage payment methods and review purchases. Customers who already have an Amazon account automatically have access to Amazon Pay, enabling them to utilize the same payment methods, shipping address, and email already stored safely within their account.

Now, with just a few simple steps via the Amazon Pay button, customers can complete their purchases using Affirm.

Merchants looking to include Affirm via Amazon Pay on their site can visit: for more details.

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