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Amazon Australia Announces New Automotive Part Finder For 2022

Amazon Australia has today announced Automotive Part Finder, a tool that enables customers to shop by vehicle and find parts and accessories manufactured to fit their car. Part Finder matches from a range of more than 100,000 vehicle-specific products such as windscreen wiper blades, light bulbs, brake pads, filters, and more, to a number of Australia’s most popular cars from the last decade. 

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Research commissioned by Amazon Australia found that 43% of Australians plan on traveling somewhere in Australia this winter, with those planning on a road trip (31%) far exceeding those planning to fly domestically (12%). Whilst most (83%) Aussies love going on road trips, 39% admit to feeling stressed about the preparation required.   

Amazon Australia’s Automotive Part Finder feature can help alleviate stress by making it easier for Aussies to get their car road-trip-ready. Customers can now enter their vehicle’s brand, model, year, series, and engine type to browse products designed specifically for their car. This tool will be of particular benefit to the 21% of Aussies that are held back from doing their own basic maintenance because they don’t know what parts fit their car, and the 15% that do not know where to look for parts. Automotive Part Finder also allows customers to save several different vehicles in their very own virtual Amazon Garage to easily shop vehicle-specific items on site.  

“Australians love taking to the open road and exploring the great outdoors. With the announcement of Automotive Part Finder on, we’re excited to make it even more convenient for our customers to find the right parts and accessories easily for their vehicles,”

“Not only can customers shop products for their car more easily, but they can conveniently purchase any other items they may need before heading off on a road trip.” 

Ian Bradley, Head of Automotive, Amazon Australia. 

Amazon Australia Entices Road Trippers

The research found that 84% of Australians check their car before heading off on a long journey, with tire pressure (58%), and oil level (53%) being the most common car checks Aussies do themselves. Surprisingly, a quarter (24%) admit they don’t do basic car maintenance tasks themselves with more than two in five (44%) going to their garage or mechanic when needing basic car parts and one in ten (11%) spending $900 or more a year on basic car repairs.

As We Wander” road trippers Luke Riddle and Jess Caldwell want to see more people taking to the road, “Myself and Luke have been full-time road-trippers since 2017, traveling Australia and checking out what this beautiful country has to offer. We want to encourage more people to take to the road and take advantage of their home soil and we welcome anything that makes it easier to do that.  Amazon Australia’s Automotive Part Finder means you can find the right part for your car whilst stocking up on whatever else you need for your journey making it really convenient to prep for a road trip.” 

Customers can shop from millions of automotive products across thousands of brands including Bosch, Autoglym, Mothers, Bendix, and Ryco, thanks to selling partners such as 4WD Supacentre, Rolan Australia, Auto One, and Online Auto Parts. and more.

With more than 125 million products available on, customers can conveniently shop for their next road trip with a huge range of products available across automotive, fashion, beauty, pantry food and drink, books, board games, and more. With Amazon Australia’s Mid Year Sale now live, customers can also access great savings across a huge range of products.

Other key findings from the research include:

  • Family tripping: Parents of children under 18 are more than four times as likely to be planning a road trip (43%) than flying domestically over winter (10%). Parents are also spending $74 more than average on basic repairs/services ($518.2 vs an average of $444.1, a difference of $74.1).
  • Across the ages: Millennials are the most road-trip-happy generation with nine in ten (89%) saying they love going on road trips (Gen Z 77%, Gen X 83%, Baby Boomers 81%); however, it is Baby Boomers who are the least likely to feel stressed when preparing for a road trip (27%. Gen Z 50%, Millennials 43%, Gen X 40%). The younger generations, in particular

Millennials are outspending their older counterparts on basic repairs/services (Millennials $491.0, Gen Z $457.8; Gen X $429.8, Baby Boomers $404.5).

  • Creature comforts: When it comes to what to pack for a road trip or traveling long distance, half (50%) of Aussies will pack comfort items such as their favorite pillow (40%), tea bags, candles, or their favorite mug (25%), but only 32% will pack car essentials such as windscreen wiper fluid.
  • Hungry business: Packing snacks (79%) for a road trip is a priority for more Australians than checking the radiator coolant (69%), the windscreen (68%), and wiper fluid (67%).
  • Keen to learn: More than 70% of Australians want to learn basic car maintenance to manage car costs (74%) or prepare themselves for road trips (72%). 

To find out more about Amazon Australia’s Automotive Part Finder and to add your car to your virtual garage visit

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