Amazon Australia 2023 'Retail Trends' report cover.

Amazon Australia: Embracing The Changing Landscape of Retail Trends

In a bid to combat rising living costs, Australians are adopting innovative approaches to saving money, as highlighted by Amazon Australia’s ‘Retail Trends’ report.

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The study reveals that nearly two-thirds of Australians (62.5%) are comparing prices both online and in-store to secure the best value for their money, an approach heavily influenced by mounting financial pressures.

Furthermore, the report exposes the significant impact this shift is having on the way Australian retailers interact with consumers, with a staggering 85% expressing concerns about inflation.

The Merging of Physical and Digital Retail Channels

The ‘Retail Trends’ report, created by data and analytics authority GlobalData, uncovers the blurring boundaries between traditional brick-and-mortar stores and the digital shopping realm.

This growing trend, known as ‘omnichannel retail’ or ‘bricks and clicks,’ refers to consumers employing multiple channels within a single shopping journey. A prime example of this trend involves customers purchasing items online and then collecting them from a physical store.

Janet Menzies, Amazon Australia’s Country Manager, underscores the evolving behavior of Australians amidst financial challenges.

She suggests that the Australian population is increasingly gravitating towards both online and offline shopping experiences in their quest for convenience and value.

Menzies points out that around half of all Australians browse products online before making in-store purchases, while a similar proportion consult online reviews and comparison websites before sealing the deal in a physical store.

This change in consumer behavior presents an opportunity for retailers of all scales to revamp their strategies and cater to customers through omnichannel experiences, ranging from personalized offerings to convenient click-and-collect services.

For Amazon, this shift resonates as a pivotal aspect of their commitment to helping customers manage household expenses while simultaneously aiding local businesses in enhancing their omnichannel presence.

The Steady Rise of Omnichannel Retail Spend

Neil Saunders, Managing Director of GlobalData, emphasizes the research shows a 47.8% surge in omnichannel retail expenditure since 2019.

The report anticipates this trend’s continuation as brands invest in unified strategies to fulfill the demand for seamless shopping journeys that seamlessly transition between physical stores and online platforms.

Saunders elaborates that while price and product remain pivotal factors, customer experience reigns supreme. Shoppers are increasingly seeking diverse options when making their purchases.

Major retailers have responded by expanding their digital footprints, enabling customers to explore their offerings at any time and from any location.

Concurrently, physical stores provide the flexibility to select between immediate click-and-collect services or conventional in-store shopping, while online shopping guarantees doorstep delivery convenience.

Amazon Australia’s ‘Retail Trends’ report highlights this notable shift in the shopping behaviors of Australians, driven by the need to manage escalating living expenses.

The fusing of online and offline retail channels, exemplified by the omnichannel trend, is a central component of this transformation.

This change presents opportunities for retailers of all sizes to evolve and cater to consumer preferences, offering convenience and value through innovative shopping experiences.

Adapting to Changing Retail Dynamics With Amazon Australia

As Australians navigate the challenges of rising costs, their shopping habits are evolving in response. The convergence of online and offline retail experiences is reshaping the retail landscape.

Brands and retailers that embrace this shift stand to benefit by offering local consumers flexible and value-driven shopping options.

By continually adapting and innovating, retailers can create shopping journeys that cater to the evolving needs of customers, helping them save both time and money while enjoying a seamless shopping experience.

Janet Menzies reiterated the value of the research for Amazon Australia, “[W]e are relentlessly focused on customers and how we can be part of the solution to household cost pressures, while also empowering local businesses to expand their omnichannel presence.”

The full GlobalData ‘Retail Trends’ report commissioned by Amazon Australia can be found here.

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