Amazon Australia Has Their First Fulfillment Center

Amazon has been expanding its operations recently by going into new territories. Now Amazon will be having its first fulfillment center in Australia. It is a move that sees the big eCommerce giant expanding even more.

We have already seen recently Amazon move into the Middle East and also Korea too.

Amazon Australia coming soon!

Amazon will have its Australian fulfillment center in the Dandendong South area of South Melbourne. With the new fulfillment center comes new jobs, and Amazon will be hiring for new positions, such as packers, operations managers and systems technicians.

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The fulfillment center will be typical Amazon size… HUGE with a total area of 24,000 square meters. It would be able to handle hundreds of thousands of products, according to Australian operations director Robert Bruce.

Along with the fulfillment center, he also sees more investments coming with Australian businesses linking up with the Amazon Marketplace.

While there are many plans for Australia, it hasn’t commented yet if those plans would include New Zealand as well.

If New Zealand would be included, there would even be more savings for people as delivery costs and shipping times go down. As of now, including New Zealand is said to be a logical extension of that plan.

With its aggressive expansion moves, Amazon has now become twice as large as Walmart.

It has already overtaken Walmart as the world’s number one retailer. With the opening of Amazon’s fulfillment center, there are new opportunities as well as a threat to other retailers in the area.

Russell Zimmerman, head of the Australian Retailers Association, however downplays that perceived threat. He sees Amazon to be another retailer and advises other retailers to prepare for it.

It still remains a mystery as to how eBay are preparing for the arrival of Amazon.  They have been the sole marketplace in Australia for years and their market share is about to be disrupted.

Let us know what your thoughts are on the Amazon Australia expansion in the comments below.

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