Amazon’s Treasure Truck shopping experience launched in 2016 in its hometown of Seattle. For most of 2017, the company has expanded the pop-up store style service to many U.S. cities offering deals on Amazon gadgets and other select products.

The trucks also carry seasonal favorites, locally made items, and delicious food products.

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In the U.K. the first stops for the Amazon Treasure Truck will be London and Manchester. The company plans to make several stops per month in each city featuring an additional one carefully selected goody for the trip.

The goody will be a surprise and customer will have to act fast to get the item as there will be a limited stock on the truck.

It’s that scarcity thing; It does work!

For shoppers, the best way to keep track of specials and when the Amazon Treasure Truck is coming to town is to sign up for Text alerts. Just text “truck” to 87377 and Amazon will spill the beans when the truck is coming to town and what goody or goodies it might have to offer.

Amazon also wants to remind you that by texting to 87377, you agree to receive text messages from the company and you can always respond with STOP and they will stop sending them to you. Message rates may apply.

“We all remember the sense of excitement we felt as children when we heard the jingle of the ice-cream van, and we hope to bring that same feeling with Treasure Truck. Every product has been cherry picked, from must-have Christmas presents to jaw-dropping offers, ensuring Treasure Truck will turn an ordinary day into something a bit more special. Savvy shoppers should sign up now to be the first in the know.”

James Quick, Head of Treasure Truck,

Shoppers can also find out more at, follow @treasuretruckUK and look out for #treasuretruck on social media.

The Treasure Truck does require you to download the Amazon app as the sales are managed through the app. You can learn more here about how the process works.

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With the Christmas season in full swing, it seems Amazon is going to use this time to promote special offers for the holidays. The company also said that other U.K. cities will be added in the future.

Our own Dave Furness already signed up for Treasure Truck updates and promised to run out when the truck enters Manchester. Nothing like getting some hands-on reporting!

What do you think about Amazon bringing the Treasure Truck to the U.K.? If they offer third-party marketplace sellers an opportunity to be part of the shopping experience, would you take it? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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