Shopify partners with Amazon to allow 'Buy with Prime' integrations on its platform.

Shopify Relents: Partners With Amazon, Allowing Merchants to Add ‘Buy with Prime’


Amazon’s ‘Buy with Prime’ app is now available for Shopify merchants, enabling store owners to officially tap into the giant retailer’s payments and fulfillment services.

The turnaround by Shopify is significant, as it previously stated that Buy with Prime was in violation of its terms of service and was banned from its platform when Amazon launched the service in the second half of 2022.

However, the real reason was believed to be that Buy with Prime competed with Shopify’s own payments and fulfillment services, a key part of its business model.

Furthermore, there was a possibility that Amazon might get sales data from this integration, which could provide Amazon information about popular products and categories on Shopify stores.

In its press release, Amazon specifically addressed the last point, stating, “Merchants will continue to own the customer data that comes through Buy with Prime purchases.”

Peter Larsen, Amazon vice president of Buy with Prime, further emphasized that the app was built in collaboration with Shopify and the company is “excited to help merchants not only grow their businesses, but also save time and resources.”

With the new app, Prime members can select Buy with Prime on Shopify store product pages. After logging into their Amazon account, customers can pay using Amazon wallet payment methods while Shopify processes the transaction.

The app synchronizes merchant accounts between the platforms, streamlining Buy with Prime management within Shopify. Amazon Pay will also be offered as a payment option in Shopify Payments as part of the integration.

Initially launching as an invite-only beta for select merchants, the app will roll out widely by the end of September to all U.S.-based Shopify merchants using Amazon fulfillment.

Amazon states the app was collaboratively developed with Shopify to improve the merchant experience. It requires no coding and can be installed from Shopify’s app store.

“Our merchants care deeply about choice, and this new app will give them a new way to meet their customers where they are,” said Daniel Debow, Shopify vice president of product partnerships.

Merchants report a 25% increase in conversion on average with Buy with Prime. The service provides fast Prime delivery and returns while merchants retain customer purchase data.

Shopify Now Emphasizes Choice

“More choice means more ways for our merchants to succeed, and that’s why we’re excited to collaborate with Amazon on the Buy with Prime app for Shopify,” added Debow.

According to Amazon, early merchant feedback on Buy with Prime has been highly positive. The Shopify integration aims to simplify daily management for participating merchants.

The reversal on allowing Buy with Prime indicates Shopify is now willing to partner with Amazon, despite apparent past concerns about its business model and data mining. However, this change of heart gives Shopify merchants more options to increase sales, and that is ultimately a positive for those sellers.

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