Amazon acquires Veeqo

Amazon Confirms Acquisition of Multi-Channel Software Company Veeqo


Amazon has confirmed today that they have acquired the multi-channel software company Veeqo, in what has been another stealthy acquisition by the company. Whilst Amazon has been quiet on the deal up until now, the deal was actually announced on the companies blog back on November 2nd last year.

This acquisition is very similar to that of the Australian multi-channel company Selz which Amazon also acquired over a year ago. Similarly, there was no official announcement from Amazon but just a banner confirming the deal which appeared on the Selz website.

Amazon Reignites Shopify Competition By Buying Veeqo?

This has led to the question, what would Amazon need a multi-channel software for, especially when they have already acquired Selz that did a similar job?

“We’re excited Veeqo has joined Amazon. Veeqo is an innovative company that helps sellers manage their multi-channel business and provides an outstanding experience to shoppers,”

“We plan to continue investing in new features and improvements to help Veeqo serve sellers globally from its home in Wales, facilitate growth for sellers’ multi-channel businesses, and enhance the experience of their customers.”

Amazon Spokesperson

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that Veeqo’s tools did allow sellers access to tools specific to selling on Shopify, which Amazon now has access to. Amazon has sought to attract sellers to their multi-channel fulfillment program by cutting rates, as other third-party logistics providers and companies like Shopify, UPS and FedEx have all launched their own fulfillment services, competing with the eCommerce giant.

Either way, access to this software will potentially add a new raft of seller tools for all Amazon sellers which could potentially mean they no longer need to rely on other third-party tools or platforms.

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