Amazon has long realized that convenience wins in eCommerce. A decade ago, U.S. consumers were ecstatic if they received online or mail order shipments in 7 to 10 days.

Then Amazon Prime changed all that with is free 2-Day delivery option for a yearly membership fee.

First, the program only guaranteed free two-day delivery based on business days (excluding weekends and holidays). The company also managed the program by restricting eligible items and often purchases had to made earlier in the day to make the delivery guarantee.

Today, Amazon offers 7-days-a-week delivery service in most major metro areas. And a vast number of items will arrive in two days, including weekends and holidays.

Amazon Day

To bring more convenience to the delivery experience, Amazon is now slowly rolling out a new delivery option called Amazon Day.

Invited Amazon Prime members can choose a specific day of the week that is most convenient for them to receive deliveries. This way shoppers with a predictable schedule can have their orders arrive on a specific day of the week.

When shoppers checkout on Amazon, they will have the option to either pick the regular 2-Day delivery or pick their Amazon Day.

There are consumer and company benefits to this program. Some buyers have concerns about porch thefts, so this will give them the option to schedule deliveries on a day when they are home.

The company benefits by being able to consolidate orders coming from different warehouse locations in their network into one delivery, reducing packaging waste and delivery costs.

And the latter also has environmental benefits as it should cut down on mountains of shipping boxes and packaging materials.

“Amazon is always innovating and looking for new ways to surprise and delight our customers, and we’re excited to be testing a new service aimed at making the delivery experience more convenient for customers.”

Amazon spokesperson to Engadget

CNET reports that Amazon employees have been testing this program for months, and a small group of Prime members were being invited starting on Friday.

Amazon characterizes this program as a test. But considering the mutually beneficial aspects of this program, it seems this is an easy decision to become a new option for all U.S. Prime members.

Incentive to Use Amazon Day?

It is possible that Amazon may eventually offer an incentive for using Amazon Day as the delivery option to increase adoption of this service.

U.S. Amazon Prime Members have long seen incentives at checkout such as a Dollar off credit toward a digital purchase, a free shipping credit on their next Amazon Pantry order (normally $5.99), a credit toward a purchase at a Whole Foods Market store, and similar offers, to entice them to choose a more flexible delivery option (usually about one week).

Amazon Day appears to become another example of how Amazon always looks at ways to bring more delivery options to shoppers. It seems such a simple idea, but one that could resonate well with many consumers.

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