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Amazon Delays Requirement for Sellers to Provide FCC Radio Frequency Emission Compliance Information

Earlier this year, Amazon announced sellers must comply with a new requirement to provide evidence of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorization on products the FCC considers radio frequency in February 2021. But the company has now delayed this requirement until Q2 2021 with no exact given yet.

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When the new policy becomes mandatory, sellers who list products on the marketplace that are considered radio frequency devices will need to fill in the FCC Radio Frequency Emission Compliance attribute for each listed item. Sellers can pick from one of two choices to comply with the policy:

  • Provide evidence of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorization – either an FCC certification number or contact information for the Responsible Party, as defined by the FCC.
  • Certify that the product is exempt from FCC requirements.

Amazon reminds sellers that all radio frequency devices must comply with FCC regulations and all applicable state and local laws, including registration and labeling requirements. The company also requires sellers to provide accurate information about their products on the product detail page.

What is a Radio Frequency Device?

This can be a confusing question, especially for new sellers, because many devices sellers may not realize are considered radio frequency devices. The FCC broadly classifies as radio frequency devices any electronic or electrical product capable of emitting radio frequency energy.

According to the FCC, almost all electronic or electrical products are capable of emitting radio frequency energy. Examples of products that the FCC regulates as radio frequency devices include, but are not limited to Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth devices, radios, broadcast transmitters, signal boosters, and devices with cellular technology.

FCC guidance on what is considered a radio frequency device can be found on the Equipment Authorization – RF Device 189 page on the FCC website. Also, for more information, sellers should visit Amazon’s Radio Frequency Devices policy 172 and contact their supplier to ensure full FCC compliance on products they list.

Amazon did not say why the requirement was delayed, but this gives sellers more time to gather the necessary information and update their listing.

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