Video: Amazon Delivery Driver Kicks & Throws Package at Customers Home

Another week and another Amazon delivery driver has been caught out once again by those pesky Ring doorbell cameras. This time the footage originates from Roslindale Massachusetts where an Amazon delivery driver can be seen kicking one package along the floor towards the customers’ house. 

He then sticks his middle fingers up at her doorbell camera before returning to his vehicle for a second package which he then angrily tosses right at her home and incidentally hits the doorbell camera.

“I heard some very aggressive beeping outside my house. Which prompted me to check my ring camera to see what was happening. 

This is when I watched the driver kick my box from the back of his truck to my front yard. Gave the camera the finger with both hands. And took a picture for delivery confirmation.

He walked back to the house and got another of my packages, threw it hitting my ring camera, and gave the finger again. 

Delivered another package to my neighbor and drove off like nothing happened.”

Elizabeth Murray, Amazon Customer

Whilst the driver has the Amazon-branded truck and vest, it is very common for some drivers to be contracted by third-party courier companies and therefore not official Amazon employees.

Regardless, when the Amazon logo is involved it does look bad for the company.

Not The First Time Amazon Delivery Drivers Caught Out On Video

With the popularity of doorbell and front door security cameras growing it is becoming more and more common for these types of instances to make their way onto the internet.

Last year there was the unfortunate incident caught on TikTok of an Amazon delivery driver having a very visible breakdown of some sort.

This isn’t just an Amazon phenomenon, there have been numerous incidents caught on video from all of the major courier companies such as this FedEx driver who was caught ‘frisbeeing’ someone’s package from a moving truck.

Once again drivers need to realize that there is a high chance these days their outbursts and lowest moments could be caught on camera and uploaded to the internet for all to see.

At the time of writing, we could not find a statement from Amazon on this matter, but if we do find one we will update the post accordingly.

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