Amazon Delivery Driver Filmed Singing Life Saving Advice To Customer

In an interesting turn of events, we have some positive news today featuring an Amazon Delivery Driver and once again it comes courtesy of a doorbell camera. An Amazon delivery driver named Kelsey was filmed delivering a package to an Amazon customer on a doorbell camera and took that opportunity to leave a message for the owner which could potentially save a life.

The footage which you can see below was uploaded courtesy of Jessica Huseman who then uploaded the footage from her doorbell camera to TikTok.


We just moved in and this happened today…she’s not wrong though. Guess I need to get some house numbers. #amazondelivery

♬ original sound – Jessica Huseman

In the footage, the Amazon delivery driver called Kelsey can be heard singing or rapping a message for Jessica which goes like this;

“Hello Jennifer, I hope your Monday’s going well. You have no markers on your house that says what number you are. And that is hard to find your house my dude and it’s unsafe, honestly. What if you needed medical assistance and the paramedics didn’t know your town well, come on. Have a great day!”

The video has now been viewed over a million times and led Kelsey to start her own TikTok account under the name @queenofconsent.

In one of the other videos, Kelsey uploaded she thanked people for the support online, adding the reason she notices safety concerns such as the house numbers was because she used to work in ResLife and student affairs, meaning she has crisis management experience. She also added that whenever she is out delivering packages, if she sees something, she says something.

This makes a definite change in terms of recent TikTok PR for Amazon as previously we have reported on drivers cutting over grass verges, and one driver appearing to suffer a breakdown rather publically.

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