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Video: Amazon Delivery Driver Caught Pretending To Be Preacher Following Customers Instructions


Ring doorbells are the gift that keeps on giving as we now have another Amazon delivery driver caught on camera but this time he’s going above and beyond for his customer in what looks like a pretty awkward exchange.

The video which has been uploaded to TikTok has already amassed over 30 Million views in less than a week at the time of publishing.

The video begins with Amazon customer Stephanie Lerin showing her doormat which reads “Hide Packages From Husband”. The video then cuts to the ring doorbell camera showing the Amazon delivery driver approaching the property with the package and ringing the doorbell before appearing to read the mat. He then hides the package behind one of the plants on the floor before taking a picture on his device to record the delivery.

As he goes to leave a man answers the door and asks the driver if he has a package for him. Clearly startled by the door being opened, the delivery driver at first seems taken aback and then thinking quickly says “No, I’m just uh, here to tell you about the gospel of Jesus Christ,”

You can see the full incident unfold in real-time below:

Amazon Delivery Driver Going Above & Beyond

Amazon delivery drivers are usually some of the most controversial when it comes to delivery drivers. Most often for their tough working conditions and crazy targets that they have to meet, especially in peak times of the year.

This is why it is even more impressive when actions like this get caught on camera to show an individual taking it upon themselves to go above and beyond what is required in their job description.

This isn’t the first time a positive moment has been caught on camera either as earlier this year an Amazon delivery driver was recorded on a doorbell camera giving potentially life-saving advice to an Amazon customer regarding some issues with their property.

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