Amazon Delivery Driver robbed gunpoint

Video: Amazon Delivery Driver Robbed At Gunpoint In Van


New footage has been released showing an Amazon Delivery Driver being robbed at gunpoint in his delivery van in Orange County Florida. Unbeknown to the gunmen the whole incident was caught on the in-van camera system which recorded the whole ordeal.

The Orange County Sheriff’s office released the video which you can see below. (Some viewers may find the below video distressing)

Video Source: ABC7 Youtube

Amazon Delivery Camera Helps Catch Gunmen

According to investigators, the Amazon delivery driver was parked at an apartment complex and delivering packages on January 13th when two men were waiting for him when he got back to his truck.

One of the suspects in the video can be seen holding a gun to the driver’s neck. Authorities have said the thieves took the driver’s cell phone and wallet before making their way to the back of the van and taking off with several packages.

The sheriff’s office said the driver was not hurt in the robbery and that they have since arrested the two men suspected to be involved.

Authorities identified the men taken into custody as 22-year-old Arkimase Divinard and 23-year-old Joel Aime. They are facing charges that include robbery with a firearm.

The sheriff’s office said the two suspects have a long criminal record, totaling 85 felony charges with 11 convictions.

While some years ago, Amazon’s in-vehicle camera system was met with some hesitancy, it has proven incredibly useful in situations like this.

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