Amazon delivery driver fire rescue

Amazon Delivery Driver Saves Family From Burning Home


An Amazon Delivery Driver leaped into action this week as he rescued an entire family from a burning house in Syosset, New York.

Kevin Riviera, just 22 years old was finishing his route when he saw the fire raging in a neighborhood building. Without concern for his own safety, Kevin rushed into the house, and despite a language barrier he managed to evacuate the mother, her infant, 3 other children, and a grandmother. On top of that, he also rescued two family dogs.

A neighbor of the burning house Amanda Johnson whose husband also happened to be a firefighter at the Syosset fire department uploaded a video of Kevin shortly after the incident to Facebook.

Amazon has acknowledged the actions of Kevin in a tweet from the authorized Amazon News account

The CEO Andy Jassy also acknowledged the story on his personal Twitter account with reports coming from New York that the company will do something “Big” to celebrate Kevin’s heroic rescue.

Amazon Delivery Drivers Good News For a Change

This story makes a much nicer change than the usual stories that make the news which is often negative when it comes to Amazon delivery drivers, such as the video a few weeks back where an Amazon delivery driver was allegedly sent home for using the bathroom at the beginning of their shift.

Gaining nationwide news coverage and the attention of Andy Jassy himself, this is the kind of attention Amazon will welcome when it comes to their delivery drivers and will hopefully increase the profile of the driver network in a more positive light.

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