Heroic Amazon Delivery Driver Saves Teen and Family Dog From Pitbull Attack

In an astounding act of bravery, an Amazon delivery driver has been caught on a Ring doorbell camera saving a teenager and her small dog from a pitbull attack in Las Vegas.

19-year-old Lauren can be seen exiting her house to try and help the stray dog that was roaming the neighborhood. Shortly after her small Cocker Spaniel, Max can be seen coming outside to see what is happening when the Pitbull attacks.

Lauren thinks fast and scoops her dog up into the air, but that doesn’t dissuade the enraged Pitbull who makes repeated lunges at Lauren who is trying to shield her dog from the attack.

Amazon Delivery Driver To The Rescue

With Lauren now screaming for help outside of her house, a swift acting hero emerges but instead of a cape, she is wearing an Amazon vest. In the video caught on the ring camera below, you can see the whole thing unfold in real-time.

Credit: Storyful Rights Management

Lauren’s dad Ray was watching the whole thing unfold on his phone screen after receiving the Ring notification whilst he was at work a 30-minute drive away. He said in a Facebook post after the attack how grateful he was for the Amazon delivery driver coming to the rescue:

“She could have easily stayed back, she saw how aggressive the dog was, but came flying in to help without a thought of her own well-being,”

Michael Ray, Homeowner

The Amazon delivery driver was later identified as Stephanie Lontz and after the event, the Ray family managed to track her down and thank her personally, and give her flowers.

Lauren was also interviewed following the event and said the following:

“The screams made me think of my own child…I would only hope someone would jump in and help her if she was in a similar situation. I wouldn’t even think it’s motherly — it’s just the human thing to do.”

“Two days prior I had been bit by a dog, two days before that I had saved a baby that wasn’t even 2 years old get locked in a house…I mean, we really go through a lot, and we’re there when other people aren’t, and sometimes it’s not even recognized…I have a co-worker who put out a fire the other day. It’s just we’re really there when sometimes nobody’s there,”

Stephanie Lontz, Amazon Delivery Driver, Las Vegas

This story follows similar stories recently of Amazon delivery drivers doing good deeds.

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