on german flag’s Leaked Sales Data Accounts for 27% of Germany’s eCommerce


Amazon’s German marketplace accidentally sent an email to its third-party sellers, showing the marketplace’s total gross sales which accounts for 27% of Germany’s total eCommerce revenue. in Germany released the emails, which can be found here.

amazon logoAccording to those who received the email on Tuesday, generated an estimated revenue of €10.25 billion, an amount which has been kept secret by the online retail giant.

The said email also promoted sales generated on Amazon’s US site and described it as the largest marketplace in the world.

“50% of Amazon’s revenue is generated on and generates revenue that’s seven times as big as it does on, with just half as many merchants.” –

However, the company’s revelation was a disappointment to Germany’s financial analysts who expected the figures to be higher or be somewhere around €14 billion or €18 billion. The reason is that back in 2016, Amazon reported revenues on its German site totalling €12.8 billion.

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