Amazon Rumored to Develop WhatsApp Messaging Competitor, an Amazon focused blog, reports that Amazon is surveying users about a new app called Anytime that rivals WhatsApp.

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Reportedly, the survey suggests this app has additional features such as the ability to order food in a group chat, split bills, and make video calls with masks and filters.

Image: AFTVNews | AFTVNews User Provided Screen Shot of Anytime App Survey
Image: AFTVNews | AFTVNews User Provided Screen Shot of Anytime App Survey


Since this information appears to be part of a survey, there is no confirmation from Amazon or rumors on other tech sites that hint at any development progress or release window.

This could just be Amazon testing the waters before putting a lot of time and effort into this project.


So let’s assume there is something to this rumor. One interesting entry that caught our eCommerce eye is the inclusion of a shopping feature (see the last feature in above screenshot).

Amazon Marketplace sellers have often complained about how they do not have real time communications with customers.

If this app becomes a reality, could we finally see a way for customers to contact sellers in real time using an Amazon messaging app?

This development would certainly put pressure on other marketplaces that do not offer such features. Especially, eBay who seem to be going through a scrubbing of any seller contact information this year.


Moreover, as we stated in an article last week about social shopping in China on Taobao’s marketplace, could this be part of Amazon getting into social shopping?

Amazon is not new to social networks. They already own Twitch, so they have a basic understanding of this subject.

Earlier this year, the company was actively looking for Social media influencers. At that time most speculated this was part new social media campaign. However, could they be using those folks to push this type of social shopping on the anytime App.

As you can see, we are asking lots of questions and have no answers.

Just on Monday in our Live Video chat about eCommerce, we discussed who might bring social shopping to the U.S. and Europe and Amazon was not on the top of that list.

Of course, if social shopping is part of this rumored Anytime messaging app, where does this leave Facebook and other social media platforms that have been dragging their feet on eCommerce?

Lots of possibilities here if Amazon gets into the messaging space. They could be disrupting another segment that others thought they owned.

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