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Amazon Plans To Ditch Diesel Fuel for Electrofuels in Its Trucking Fleet

Amazon is partnering with Infinium to power Amazon’s diesel trucks with ultra-low carbon electrofuels beginning in 2023.

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Infinium is a renewable fuels technology company that offers electrofuels solutions to decarbonize transportation using today’s infrastructure.

The company’s Electrofuels — also called e-fuels or synthetic fuels — are a fossil-based fuel alternative created from carbon waste and renewable power.

Infinium is expected to initially supply enough electrofuels to Amazon to begin powering Amazon diesel trucks for about 5 million miles in the first year.

This partnership is another step in Amazon’s commitment to shift its transportation network away from fossil fuels and deliver packages more sustainably.

Electrofuels will initially be used by Amazon in the company’s middle mile fleet in Southern California which is responsible for moving customer orders from vendors and fulfillment centers to Amazon’s network of sortation and delivery stations.

A recent United Nations report said that the transportation sector is currently responsible for about 25% of all carbon emissions globally.

By developing ultra-low carbon fuels that can easily be used to power cargo trucks, airplanes, and marine freight, Infinium hopes to change that.

The company plans to build one of the world’s first electrofuel production facilities in Texas which will use renewable-power-generated green hydrogen and approximately 18,000 tons of recycled carbon waste per year to create the electrofuels.

“Our agreement with Amazon to provide Infinium electrofuels for use in the company’s transportation network is a significant moment for all of us,” said Infinium CEO Robert Schuetzle.

“We’ve been developing this technology for the better part of a decade, and we expect our electrofuels to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by approximately 95 percent over traditional fossil fuels. We’re thrilled to have the first fleet of Amazon trucks powered by electrofuels starting next year, which will mark the beginning of a major shift for the entire transportation sector.”

Amazon – The Climate Pledge to Net-Zero

With its commitment to The Climate Pledge, Amazon is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 and plans to continue investing in new technologies to decarbonize its operations.

Earlier this year, Amazon rolled out Amazon-branded electric delivery vehicles by Rivan nationwide as part of its decarbonization goals. Amazon has a stake in Rivan.

Likewise, with Infinium, Amazon is invested in the company to help it accelerate the development of electrofuels which will help Amazon reach its net-zero carbon emissions goals.

“Infinium’s electrofuels can help Amazon reduce carbon emissions across our transportation fleet, which is important to both us and our customers, and will help us move closer to our goal of net-zero carbon by 2040,” said Kara Hurst, vice president of Worldwide Sustainability at Amazon.

“We’ve supported Infinium’s technology through our Climate Pledge Fund, and it’s exciting to see our investment turning into usable fuel that will help us, and others across the industry, decarbonize transportation in the long run.”

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