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Amazon exec blasts Last Week Tonight with John Oliver segment about Amazon

On Sunday the HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver aired a segment about working conditions at Amazon fulfillment centers.

Since 2014, Oliver’s segments on the show have shed a critical light on companies, governments, organizations, and industries.

This week, it was Amazon’s turn and Oliver criticized Amazon for having “brutal” working conditions inside their fulfillment centers.

“The more you look at Amazon, the more you realize its convenience comes with a real cost… Because, think about it, we used to have to drive to stores to buy things. Now those things are brought directly to us and they’re somehow cheaper. That didn’t just happen with a clever algorithm — it happened by creating a system that squeezes the people lowest on the ladder hard and all the while, the man behind Amazon is now worth $118 billion, more than anyone else in the world.”

John Oliver, Last Week Tonight

Dave Clark Twitter response

On Twitter, Dave Clark, Executive Vice President at Amazon fought back on the allegations made by Oliver on his show by saying:

Amazon offers free tours of their facilities for which about anyone can register. He claimed over 100,000 people have toured Amazon warehouses and that the company offered a tour to the show.

Clark further fired back at Oliver that he feels insulted by the allegations made in the Last Week Tonight segment.

Not the first time

This is not the first time Amazon has come under scrutiny about working conditions at its fulfillment centers.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused the company of paying starvation wages and alleged it mistreats its workers to further enrich Jeff Bezos.

She also spearheaded the campaign against Amazon receiving tax benefits from New York, which ended with the company pulling out of its intention to build one of two HQ facilities in the New York area.

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As Amazon continues to grow its market share in eCommerce, they will take more body blows about working conditions and its operations.

Regardless of the criticisms, Amazon is poised to have another banner Prime Day and most shoppers prefer the convenience the company offers. The Last Week Tonight with John Oliver segment won’t change that.

Here is the full 21+ minute video segment from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

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