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Amazon warned sellers that due to the weather situation that impacted much of the logistics operations this month, many Amazon FBA returns are being delayed. Amazon FBA is the company’s fulfillment program that enables sellers to offer products on the marketplace, with Amazon handling the fulfillment and customer service on all orders.

“Due to the severe winter storms impacting much of the US, we are experiencing a delay in receiving and processing customer returns. For some returned units, there will be a delay in either getting the inventory back to your account or reimbursing you for those items. You do not need to take any actions for the returns.

If you have questions about the status of your customer returns, please review the reports accessible via the FBA inventory reimbursement policy. We hope you are staying safe and appreciate your patience as we work to process these returns.”

Amazon note to sellers

Also, sellers report on the Amazon Seller Forums that this week they are receiving larger than normal refund notifications from Amazon FBA. Some sellers suggested Amazon was holding them back, which may now be true based on the company’s returns note.

The issue with Amazon FBA returns always seems to create a lively debate on the Amazon Seller Forums. Some sellers believe the company doesn’t care about its third-party marketplace sellers by almost always favoring buyers and doesn’t necessarily follow its own reimbursement policy or makes it unusually difficult to get reimbursed.

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