Amazon Fresh Aims To Launch First Zero Carbon Grocery Store

Amazon has opened its latest Amazon Fresh store in Seattle, however, with this one they are pursuing the goal of achieving the first-ever zero-carbon certified grocery store. The certification is provided by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI).

This store could be seen as the new flagship that is progressing towards Amazon’s climate pledge where they committed to be net carbon zero by the year 2040.

How Does Amazon Fresh Build a Net Zero Carbon Store?

Much like Amazon did years ago with their first Amazon cashierless grocery store, they are now changing the game again with a number of revolutionary advances in technology to help them reach their goal of being net carbon zero.

“We are constantly thinking about what we can do to make the customer shopping experience easier, more seamless, and more sustainable,”

“We know many customers are prioritizing sustainability in what products they buy and where they choose to shop. With our newest Amazon Fresh store, we are taking the next step on our path to becoming a net-zero carbon business by 2040, and we welcome customers to experience this firsthand while shopping with us in this store.”

Stephenie Landry, Vice President, Amazon Grocery.

Some of the features of the store include:

  • CO2-based refrigeration system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Lower carbon concrete flooring. 
  • Fully electric kitchen space.
  • Added doors on most refrigeration cases to reduce energy consumption.
  • Free electric vehicle charging for customers.
  • 100% renewable electricity throughout store.

Amazon has calculated using the Greenhouse Gas Calculator that their new store will save nearly 185 tons of CO2 a year when compared to a normal grocery store.

Whilst many of the measures that Amazon has put in place meet the requirements for the ILFI zero-carbon certification, Amazon will need to provide a consecutive 12 months of performance data to ensure the store meets all of the standards required for the certificate.

“As the world’s first grocer seeking zero carbon certification, this approach represents an important benchmark for the grocery sector and the retailers overall,”

Lindsay Baker, CEO, International Living Future Institute

The location is the 26th Amazon Fresh grocery store in the U.S. and the fourth location to open in the greater Seattle area. The store promises to offer a new, low-priced grocery store in the community in addition to bringing hundreds of high-quality jobs to the area.

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