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Amazon announced it has promoted over 35,000 Operations employees in 2020, that 30,000 employees have taken advantage of Amazon’s Career Choice program, and that it’s creating an additional 100,000 seasonal jobs.

With more than 12 million Americans out of work according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics these new seasonal roles in several locations across the US and Canada will complement its regular full- and part-time positions.

Amazon offers jobs for people of all backgrounds and skill levels, and these 100,000 new, seasonal jobs offer opportunities for pay incentives, benefits, and a path to a longer-term career, or can simply provide extra income and flexibility during the holiday season.

“At Amazon, we believe in providing our employees with great jobs and better futures. We’re proud to see our employees grow through promotions to the next level at Amazon and also through programs like Career Choice, which help them pursue careers in high demand fields,” said Alicia Boler Davis, Amazon’s Vice President of Global Customer Fulfillment.

Getting Ready For Holiday Season Rush

With the holiday season approaching quickly and significant increases in COVID cases globally, Amazon is trying to avoid the problems that plaqued the company earlier this year when its logistics operations appeared to become overwhelmed as more shoppers purchased products online instead shopping in stores.

A combination of a new COVID surge during the normal holiday season surge could again strain the logistics system.

By adding over 100,000 seasonal workers and having learned from the problems in the spring, Amazon should be better prepared for record-breaking sales.

And that will benefit Amazon marketplace sellers as more shoppers will be using the online platform for every day and holiday gift shopping through the fall/winter season.

Amazon Sellers Need To Send Inventory Now

While Amazon has been preparing for this surge and the recent Prime Day sales event may have been a small test run of its updated logistics plan for the coming months, it is still important that Amazon sellers have their full seasonal inventory in Amazon warehouses now.

Sellers should not forget the sudden inbound freight stop in the Spring as Amazon had to halt inventory shipments from third-party sellers to prioritize managing essential goods.

With a new record number of daily COVID cases in the U.S., new restrictions and lockdowns in Europe, some local restrictions in the U.S being implemented as well, and probably more to come, Amazon sellers should get all their holiday seasonal inventory to Amazon now.

There is no reason to take chances to get caught out just in case Amazon is forced to make situational adjustments to its logistics inbound policies and operations.

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