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Amazon has quietly rolled out a new keywords feature on their mobile app that filters reviews by most commonly used words in product reviews.

Image: Richard Meldner | Amazon Mobile App Customer Reviews Keywords
Image: Richard Meldner | Amazon Mobile App Customer Reviews Keywords

When you scroll down to the Customer Reviews section of a product, you now see a multi-color option displaying boxes of keywords.

The keywords are grouped in color and size of text, indicating the frequency the keywords occur in customer reviews. The darker the box and the larger the keyword, the more frequently this keyword is used.

This display is a bit similar to keyword clouds found on many blog and news sites.

A shopper initially sees about nine keywords, but there is a “SEE MORE” link that will open up to 18 keywords.

Once a buyer presses on one of these buttons, Amazon displays only reviews that contain that keyword. The app also shows how many reviews contain the selected word.

And within the reviews, the keywords suggestion screen again shows up multiple times as you scroll down so that you can quickly pick another word to filter.

Unfortunately, Amazon is not providing a way to filter a filter such as using multiple keywords or selecting one keyword and then filtering only 1-star reviews.


As we already know from the social media platform Spark that Amazon announced just a few weeks back, the company is focusing on mCommerce improvements.

While Spark is adding customer reviews to its feed, Amazon is also making smaller tweaks to the mobile experience for non-Spark users.

The keywords display on Customer Reviews makes it simple for a shopper to pick their most important word or phrase to narrow down a large number of reviews.

This feature is applicable for all products on Amazon so that third party Marketplace sellers will see this keyword filter on their products as well.

What do you think of this new keywords feature? Do you think it will help shoppers make a better buying decision? Let us know in the comments below.

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