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Amazon Introduces Staffed Pickup Points Service Counter in The US

  • Amazon Counter is a new staffed pickup location service to offer a safe and secure pick up of Amazon orders at a local retailer.
  • Rite-Aid is launch partner of Amazon Counter
  • Amazon plans to have over 1,500 Counter locations by the end of the year in the US.

Details about Amazon counter

Amazon today announced the US launch of Counter, a new network of staffed pickup points that gives customers the option to pick up their Amazon packages in-store at a partner location.

Starting today, customers will have access to more than a hundred Counter locations across the US, with thousands of additional locations coming soon.

Delivery to a Counter location is available for the tens of millions of items sold on and works with Same-Day, One-Day, Two-Day and Standard Shipping.

The service is available to all customers at no extra cost.

New technology powers Amazon Counter

Amazon designed and built the technology for Counter from the ground up, resulting in a quick and simple package pickup experience for customers.

For store partners, Counter’s straightforward pickup flow and user-friendly technology helps ensure store associates can serve customers without disrupting their daily activities.

Counter originally launched in the UK with NEXT and in Italy with Giunti Al Punto Librerie, Fermopoint and SisalPay stores.

The service has been positively received, driving strong customer engagement and additional foot traffic for partners.

Rite Aid is launch partner for Amazon Counter

Counter goes live today in more than a hundred Rite Aid stores across the US By the end of the year, the service will roll out across 1,500 Rite Aid locations —from Oyster Bay, N.Y., to Chula Vista, Calif.

Amazon is actively looking to bring additional partners onboard, including small to midsize businesses and other large chains.

“Amazon is always looking for innovative and convenient ways for customers to ship and receive their orders. With Counter, we’ve leveraged our growing logistics network and invested in new, easy-to-use technology to give customers yet another delivery option rooted in flexibility and control. We are excited to partner with national businesses like Rite Aid, and local businesses in the future, to create an outstanding experience for our shared customers.”

Patrick Supanc, Worldwide Director of Amazon Hub

Customer convenience

Shipping to a Counter pickup point is easy and secure. After shopping on, customers proceed to checkout and select one of the Counter pickup points available in their zip code as their delivery location.

As soon as their package arrives at the store, customers receive an e-mail notification with a unique barcode as well as a reminder of the address and the business hours of their selected store.

At the store, customers provide the barcode to store staff, who will scan it, retrieve the package, and hand it to the customer. Customers have 14 days to collect their package.

Counter is part of Amazon Hub family

Counter is part of the Amazon Hub family, which includes Locker, Locker+ and Apartment Locker. These collective location services bring the ultimate convenience to customers via pickup and return points.

Locker is available in over 900 cities and towns across the US, offering an alternative, secure, and convenient delivery option available at no additional cost.

Locker+ locations are secure and convenient locations in neighborhoods, cities and campuses across the US, staffed with helpful associates and self-serve kiosks.

For apartment buildings, Apartment Locker gives residents an opportunity to receive all their packages —from Amazon and beyond —safely, securely, and at a time of their choosing.

To find the nearest Amazon counter location, go to

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