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If you have updated your Amazon App, you may have noticed the company added a new button when you click the camera icon. There is now an Amazon SmileCode scanner function.

amazon smile code scanner android
Source: eSellerCafe

This new feature has been in a test phase in Europe on select Amazon Lockers and other displays. It was even used at the company’s holiday season pop-up store in London.

But it appears Amazon is ready to bring the SmileCodes to the United States.

According to TechCrunch, the company plans to roll out SmileCodes this month across the country, including in Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazine advertising.

What is a SmileCode You Ask?

It is a secured, and exclusive Amazon-branded QR code that allows Amazon mobile shoppers to find products and offers from a display or advertising in the physical world.

The code is very similar to a QR code, except that it has a smile symbol in the middle of the graphic and uses a modified pattern scheme vs. standard QR codes. (See our main image, which is mockup, not an original Amazon SmileCode)

Amazon has been relatively quiet about the SmileCodes, so there is not much known how the company plans to utilize them in their marketing. However, the use on Amazon lockers, pop-up stores (Treasure Truck?), and print media are very likely as that was part of the test phase.

Also, unknown is if or how marketplace sellers may be able to use these codes in their advertising. This ability would require Amazon to make available a SmileCode generator to sellers.

Presumably, just like QR codes, these SmileCodes translate into a web address. Except the Amazon version appears to be limited to sending shoppers only to an Amazon product or promotional page.

We hope to hear about more details about the use of the Amazon SmileCodes in short time and will update you with this information. Especially if there is a method for marketplace seller to utilize this new feature.

What do you think about Amazon introducing their own QR codes? If they make a SmileCode generator available, will you use them for your marketing to send shoppers to a product listing on their site? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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