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Amazon claimed the title of the world’s most valuable brand, beating tech giants Apple and Google for the first time.

According to the 2019 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands released by WPP and Kantar on Tuesday, Amazon’s brand value increased 52% from last year to $315.5 billion as a result of its continuous investments and global expansion.

“With its devotion to removing friction from every part of the customer experience, Amazon has changed what consumers expect from brands. With its pioneering efforts in cloud computing, Amazon has changed what businesses expect from their suppliers and partners. These feats, neither inevitable nor predicable, yield important brand-building lessons. Amazon is a serial disruptor.”

David Roth, CEO, The Store WPP, EMEA & Asia

Apple earned second place with a brand value of $309.5 billion while Google came in a close third with $309 billion.

Here’s the list of the world’s Top 10 most valuable brands of 2019:

  1. Amazon ($315.5 billion)
  2. Apple ($309.5 billion)
  3. Google ($309 billion)
  4. Microsoft ($251.2 billion)
  5. Visa ($177.9 billion)
  6. Facebook ($159 billion)
  7. Alibaba ($131.2 billion)
  8. Tencent ($130.9 billion)
  9. McDonald’s ($130.4 billion)
  10. AT&T ($108.4 billion)

Getting to the top the Amazon way

Amazon’s ability to anticipate what consumers need before they even know it has given the company power to branch out its business and rise above its competitors.

amazon logoUnafraid to take risks and form partnerships to attain its goal, Amazon’s metamorphosis from an online bookstore to a giant online retailer widened its reach and earned it the trust of consumers worldwide.

According to Brandz’s analysis, Amazon’s constant expansion of its offerings and improvement of the technology it uses online, in its physical stores, and in its distribution centres caused disruption across categories. This eventually led to consumers developing a perception of the retail giant as “Meaningfully Different, Purposeful, and Innovative.”

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