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Amazon May Split HQ2 into Two Locations


The Wall Street Journal reports tonight that according to a “person familiar with the matter” the company may split HQ2 into two locations.

This is a bit surprising as Amazon has never discussed this possibility before and cities offered bids based on attracting 50,000 new workers.

If the company splits the decision among two locations evenly, it still becomes a significant win for both chosen areas. Even if this means neither location can now call itself a “true” HQ2 location and would be seen more like larger “regional” offices.

A tight labor market and apparent fears about being able to attract sufficient labor talent in one location may be part of the rethink by Amazon, WSJ reports.

There have been numerous stories over the last week that Amazon is ready to announce their decision on HQ2 very soon.

Specifically, several locations, Crystal City in Northern Virginia (greater Washington DC area), Dallas, and New York City have been mentioned as Amazon may be in advance negotiations with civic leaders, real estate owners, and developers.

But other cities such as Chicago and Miami have also been in the news recently as having received significant interest from Amazon with more thorough follow-up visits.

The Wall Street Journal claims sources tell it that a decision could come as early as this week.

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