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Amazon Launches New Account Health Rating Feature to Help Sellers Stay in Compliance With Selling Policies


Amazon is releasing a new Account Health Rating (AHR) feature for third-party marketplace sellers to help them better understand the overall state of their selling account health.

The AHR will be displayed as a point value (single score) on a scale of 0-1,000 in addition to the color format that exists today indicating account health; green (Healthy), yellow (At-Risk), and Red (Unhealthy).

This new rating approach will provide sellers an at-a-glance view of their selling account and also enable them to quickly cure any policy violations that caused their account to receive a lower rating.

Amazon’s goal is simplification and instead of providing a list of policy violations, the new AHR model is a holistic score the company will use to determine if an account is at risk of suspension based on accumulated policy violations.

Sellers will be able to see how outstanding policy violations negatively impact their Account Health Rating  –  including the ability to see the degree of severity for each violation – enabling sellers to focus on prioritizing the most important issues first.

Amazon released a new AHR Program Policy page and AHR FAQ to help sellers better understand this new feature. (Note: links require an Amazon seller account to view).

Amazon Will Assist Sellers to Maintain Good Account Health

To assist sellers with Amazon’s policies, the company has dedicated Account Health Specialists available by phone or email at any time to answer questions or provide guidance to get a low-scoring account back on track.

In its blog post introducing the new Account Health Rating feature publically, Amazon said that this is just one of many new offerings they are rolling out to improve sellers’ overall experience.

The company plans to share and launch additional improvements to the selling experience leading up to and during Amazon Accelerate 2022, on September 14–15.

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