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Amazon Has Much To Do Before Being On Top Of Fashion World

Amazon has been making progress with acquiring new assets. While for the most part it has been successful, there are areas that it might have a harder time. One of those areas is fashion. Most consumers might see Amazon in many different ways, but definitely it is still not viewed as a fashion authority.

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Amazon has big ambitions, and fashion is one area where it has big plans. Fashion is all about perception though, and for the most part consumers aren’t sure yet that Amazon is a fashion powerhouse.

How can Amazon dominate fashion?

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We have written previously about Amazon and their private label brands getting involved in fashion.  The problem is will people be willing to buy from a fashion brand without a reputation like many of Amazon’s competitors?

To highlight this aspect, for Q3 of 2017 in search for winter clothing, the leading online retailers were Macy’s and Nordstrom. Amazon came in third. Both Macy’s and Nordstrom are known for their winter lines. It can be seen here that Amazon still has a long way to go before leading the way, though being in the top three is somewhat impressive already. Francesca Muston, head of retailer at WGSN, has made a good observation about this.

“People are going to Amazon for something specific, but they’re still not habitually browsing Amazon for fashion…Fashion is about lifestyle and aspiration, it’s an emotional purchase.” Francesca Muston, Head of Retail at WGSN

She also has noted that consumers associate Amazon more with transactions, not fashion.

Still, others should not underestimate Amazon. Muston has further noted that it all comes down to consumer’s choice and convenience, an area where Amazon has traditionally excelled.

It just might be a matter of time before Amazon can become one of the big players in fashion. However, there is still many hurdles it would face.

“It’s not going to be an easy win for them,” Muston has said. That might be true. Even as Amazon continues to grow, it might find some sectors more challenging.

Do you think Amazon has what it takes to become a leading fashion player? Post your thoughts below.


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