Amazon Tells Sellers to Get Prepared for Prime Day 2023

It’s about that time of the year when Amazon tells sellers to get ready for Prime Day and is asking them to have inventory shipped to their warehouses by June 15, 2023.

The company also suggested that sellers get their orders well before this deadline if possible, to allow for potential logistics, weather, customs, or carrier issues.

While the company may allow for a few days of late-arriving orders, sellers should not take that chance to avoid missing out on one of the biggest selling days on Amazon.

In addition, Amazon also requests sellers to have their Prime Day deals created by April 28, leaving them only about four weeks now to set up their deals for this year’s Prime Day.

So, what about Prime Day itself?

The company has not officially released the date, but we are going to take an educated guess here, with a 48-hour window around July 11 and 12, 2023. That would give the company about a month to position the inventory across all of its warehouses.

Amazon also published three key tips for sellers to be ready for the ninth edition of Prime Day.

Tip #1: Monitor the Deals Dashboard and ensure your Deals are not suppressed.

“In the run-up before your deal is due to go live, it may go into a suppressed status due to stock, SKU, pricing, or compliance issues. Log into Seller Central, head to “Advertising,” and edit the sections highlighted in red for your suppressed deals to make them live again.”

Tip #2: Do not change your price.

“There is no need to change your price to the deal price, as we will automatically update based on the price you have submitted in Seller Central. If you change your current offer price, then the deal is at risk of becoming suppressed, as it may no longer meet the discount criteria required.”

Tip #3: Perform quality checks on your Deals and the relevant SKUs.

“Check the quality of your deals so that customers have a great experience discovering and shopping for your products. The image of your deal should be on a white background. Bullet points on the detail page should accurately reflect the product on sale. If you’re brand registered, check your A+ content, as this is a great way to share additional information about the brand or products.”

What About Amazon Prime Day 2?

Last year, Amazon also held a second Prime Day sale for the first time. The results were mixed, as the second event only brought in about 1/3 of the total sales of the primary Prime Day.

At this point, it’s unclear if Amazon will try that again, and sellers should prepare for only one event in 2023, considering the lackluster results of the second event.

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