Amazon Prime Day June 2021?

Amazon Prime Day Moving to June in 2021?

According to a report from Recode, Amazon’s annual Prime Day sales event could move to mid-June for this year.

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Historically, most Prime Day sales events occurred around the second week in July, with the notable exception in 2020, as Amazon pushed back the sale to October due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is unclear why Amazon is considering moving the sale to June, but it could be to better align sales for financial reporting reasons.

The company started Prime Day in 2015 as a single-day event offering deep discounts on many products, including many of its own branded items. Beginning in 2016, Amazon expanded the sale to multiple days, yet it kept the Prime Day moniker. Every year, Prime Day sales have surpassed the previous year, even in 2020 as many shoppers used the later date opportunity to purchase holiday gifts early.

Amazon Prime Day Coattails

After its successful launch in 2015, Amazon Prime Day has invited many copycat sales to take place around the same time. Most notably, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, and other large retailers have scheduled sales coinciding with Amazon’s Prime Day, riding on the coattails of the attention the sales event has gained from consumers.

Even small businesses are using Amazon Prime Day as a backdrop for a mid-Summer sales push. For some, it is a way to reduce excessive or old inventory at a steep discount before getting ready for the busy holiday season.

Not surprisingly, Amazon declined to comment to Recode about the possible Prime Day date moving to mid-June 2021. But sellers who previously coincided their summer sale with Prime Day should be prepared for this possibility.

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