Prime Day 2018

What Is Amazon Prime Day & Why You Need To Know


People are expecting to have another Amazon Prime Day this year.

It would be third time that Amazon have held their own made up celebration day and traditionally it is held in the second week of July.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is something like Black Friday. It is a time when people can get great deals for products sold on Amazon.

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Amazon first held Amazon Prime Day in 2015, and it has been a hugely successful event.

Last year was highly successful as well, which means it stands to reason that we can expect another Prime Day in just over a months time.

Amazon has said that the Prime Day held last year has been the biggest so far. It has rivalled Black Friday sales of 2015 as well as Cyber Monday. It was also significantly larger than the first Amazon Prime Day back in 2015.

The estimated sales of Amazon Prime Day 2016 was predicted to be $525 million, according to FBIC as reported by Fortune.

That meant an increase of 25% from the $415 million sales of 2015.

It is expected that sales will be even bigger this year as there are once again more sellers, more products and most importantly more buyers on the Amazon marketplace.

How can you make the most of Amazon Prime Day?

For sellers, Amazon Prime Day can be a time to capitalize on the market. One way to do this is to start promoting the best-selling products as early as possible and have them ready for Amazon Prime Day.

Consumers are looking for the best deals, and many aren’t just looking for items that could be found in bargain bins in stores.

You have the ability to run lightning deals from your seller central dashboard but it may be worth reaching out to Amazon directly if you think you have the perfect product to be heavily featured on Prime Day, but do expect to have to offer an incredible deal to get them to accept it.

Another way to take advantage of the day is to offer some incentives to buyers on that day.

That might mean reduced prices for early buyers, or free shipping for buyers who get a large number of items.

Social media would also help, and it’s suggested that sellers promote their sales before and during Amazon Prime Day.

Make the most of increased traffic

You should not forget that you don’t need to offer sales directly through Amazon to get involved in Prime Day.

By running your own price promotions on your products you stand a great chance of making more sales due to the sheer increase of buyers on Amazon due to the Prime Day event.

Buyers who wish to participate on Amazon Prime Day must first sign up on Amazon Prime.

It is widely known that Amazon’s most loyal buyers are those that are part of the Prime membership and event like Prime Day will surely help in bringing more of those on board.

As it stands right now we do not have a confirmed date for Amazon Prime day 2017 but as soon as we do we will keep you updated.

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