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Amazon Prime Membership Fees Will Increase Up to 43% in Europe


Amazon will raise the membership fee for its Amazon Prime service in Europe by as much as 43% to counter higher operational costs.

In February, the company increased its annual Prime membership fee from $119 to $139 in the United States, citing similar concerns.

Since the Covid pandemic, Amazon has expanded its logistics infrastructure to meet customer demand.

Amazon’s retail sales business profitability has been impacted by these investments and other operational cost increases, resulting in operating losses for both retail segments in the past two quarters, North America and International.

Meanwhile, AWS, its cloud computing business, has maintained strong profitability, helping the company keep its bottom line in check.

But with pressure to reduce losses and regain profitability in its retail business, especially now, during a time of inflationary pressure where consumers may pull back from discretionary spending, Amazon’s latest move will help offset some of the retail side cost issues.

Amazon Prime Fee Increases by Country

Prime members in Germany, its second-largest market after the US, will see their yearly membership fee rise 30% to 89.90 euros (approximately $92).

In the company’s third largest market, the UK, Prime members will be paying 95 pounds (approximately $114) annually, a 20% bump.

Amazon Prime members in Spain, Italy and France will see their membership fees increase between 39% and 43% yearly.

The new Prime membership fees will go into effect on September 15, 2022 when members join or renew.

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